I Lost My GoPro…in the Surf on Orient Beach, St. Maarten

Ahhhhhh, what a vacation it was shaping up to be.  My first week off work in five years…..my wife and I were celebrating our 10-year anniversary…..we were taking a cruise on the largest cruise ship in the world…..what stress could there possibly be?!?!  Well, losing a brand new GoPro HD Hero2 camera and along with it, an entire vacation worth of photos, videos and memories.

The day started well enough, as we arrived in port to sunshine and warm temps.  Our excursion that day would take us to the Waikiki Beach Club on Orient Beach.  By the time we arrived at the beach, the sun was hot and the waves were perfect for a little fun in the ocean.  I grabbed my snorkeling gear and eagerly headed out into the break.  To document our fun, I naturally had my GoPro HD Hero2 firmly attached (or so I thought) via the GoPro head strap.  Just as I got into waist deep water, I went to put my fins on my feet and that’s when it happened; a four-foot wave broke over my head….and it was *gone*!!  Just like that!!  The wave ripped my GoPro right from my head and I never saw it again.

My wife and I combed the water for hours, hoping the camera would wash ashore or that we might get lucky and find it in the water – but no such luck!  I was devastated!  Clearly, losing a brand new $300 camera, the 32GB SD card and the head strap was bad enough – but all those memories were now on the ocean floor.  I sure learned my lesson and found out the hard way the importance of the Floaty Backdoor that GoPro sells.  Needless to say, when I can afford to replace my camera, I will never go in the water again without that valuable, yet inexpensive, safety device.

So, I am hoping that maybe someday, someone will come across my camera and the SD card with all of our 10-year anniversary memories.  I will gladly offer a reward.  Again, the camera was lost approximately 20 yards offshore, directly in front of the parking lot for the Waikiki Beach Club.  It was lost on February 9th, 2012.  If you or anyone you know happens to find it, please contact me ASAP.  I would be very grateful!!!