Welcome everyone!!  I setup this website to help others who may also have suffered the unfortunate mishap that I did while on vacation in February 2012.  I lost my GoPro camera.  After returning home from vacation, I searched all over the internet for a site where people could post about their lost GoPro cameras.  I came across people all over the world that had lost their cameras tool, but other than a few random forums and Craigslist, there wasn’t anything dedicated to helping folks find their cameras and all of the memories that were lost with it.  So, I setup this site in hopes of not only finding my GoPro camera, but to help all of the other people that have lost their GoPro’s.

Maybe you were trail riding some epic remote mountain trail…or maybe you were shredding the perfect wave…or maybe it fell off it’s mount somewhere between point A and Point B…it doesn’t really matter.  The fact is, your camera and all of that awesome footage is gone.  Well, here’s your chance.  Feel free to contact us with any and all pertinent information and I will be happy to create a post to help you find your GoPro.  The more information the better.  Also, check out my own post about my lost GoPro – a narative about your experience may be more engaging and in turn get more results.  If you have GPS logs, Photos, etc., please feel free to send those along as well.
Lastly, don’t forget to share this site with all of your friends via any means possible.  The more exposure we can get for this site, the better chance we all have of being reunited with those memories.

Thanks and good luck to everyone…

-The Team @ ILMGP

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